Thailand’s September tourist arrivals positive


TOURISM: Thailand registered 26,100,782 tourist arrivals, January to September, ensuring it remains on course to hit the 35 million mark by year-end.

The first nine months saw an increase in arrivals of 5.40% year to date.

Ministry of Tourism and Sports data, released last week, confirmed a relatively strong September performance with 255,689 arrivals up 5.75% year on year.

September, traditionally marks the lowest point of all the off peak months, but this year performance strengthened mainly due to robust travel bookings from China, South Korea, Hong Kong and Cambodia.

Since January, the monthly performance dipped below the 3mn mark for just four months; April, May, June and September. Based on rough estimates if the remaining three months attract around 3.3mn arrivals the country will surpass 35mn by the end of the year.

The ministry’s figures are provisional and none more so than its revenue estimates for the first nine months that suggest tourism generated an income of B1.33 trillion, up 7.91% year to date.

In September, the top 10 supply markets for arrivals remained the same as August:

China, 761,000, +15.49%

Malaysia, 236,000, -21.49%

South Korea, 134,000, +24.63%

Japan, 133,000, +4.14%

Laos, 125,000 +0.46%

India, 116,000, +18.14%

Singapore, 84,000, +5.10%

Cambodia, 81,000, +31.63%

Australia, 73,000, +4.10%

Hong Kong, 70,000, +17.18%

Representing 1,813,000 arrivals, the top 10 countries supplied 71% of the September total.

September’s growth by region showed the continued shift to East Asian supply markets, which grew 4.7% compared with a minus 0.1% for Europe, plus 1.0% for South Asia and a minus 0.3% for the Middle East

East Asia delivered tourism related revenue of B84.25 billion and the second highest source, Europe, delivered B22.52bn.

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Courtesy: Published at The Phuket News on October 23, 2017 by TTR Weekly

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