Thailand’s outbound travel industry booms


We all know there’s plenty of tourists heading TO Thailand this year. But what about the traffic in the other direction?

Outbound travel from Thailand is set to hit 10 million this year, nearly a third of the inbound tourist traffic this year, according to the first comprehensive market research report on what is expected to be the “the next big thing” in Asia-Pacific tourism.

The report is designed to help destinations worldwide better understand the drivers of this promising source of business, according to TTR Weekly.

Outbound travel from Thailand, both Thai citizens and resident expatriates, hit 8.2 million trips in 2016, almost double the 2011 figure, the report states. It is projected to have crossed 9 million in 2017 and is heading for 10 million in 2018, assuming that the global, regional and local geopolitical/economic situation remains stable.

Ease of accessibility will become a major determinant of future destination choice. Japan, which eliminated visas for Thais in 2013, has become the fastest growing destination for Thai travellers. Korea and Taiwan have followed the Japanese lead, and Russia is next.

Read the rest of the report about outbound travel HERE.

Courtesy: Published at Phuket Gazette on March 6, 2018 by Tanutam Thawan

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