Phuket second-hand shops ‘asked’ to become legal


PHUKET: Phuket Vice Governor Snith Sriwihok yesterday (Nov 23) led a meeting of hundreds of second-hand shop owners and operators across the island to discuss about them becoming legally registered.

Also in attendance at yesterday’s meeting, held at the Phuket Merlin Hotel in Phuket Town, were Phuket Provincial Administrative Chief Officer (Palad) Sakchai Kunanuwatchaidet. The meeting was part of the provincial government’s “Safety Phuket, Nice Tourism, Nice to Live” initiative.

V/Gov Snith said, “We are requesting second-hand shop operators follow the law [to be correctly registered]. If they just buy items from someone, they may have bought them from a thief. If police discover stolen goods in the possession of a second-hand shop operator [and they have not followed the correct procedure when acquiring them], then they will be in trouble.

“If operators buy items such as high voltage power cables, which are often stolen, this will contribute to the damaging of government property and affect public services and contribute to electricity outages. This may look like a small problem, but it can have serious effects,” V/Gov Snith added.

“If operators buy items from a thief, this means they are supporting a thief with a crime. All of this will affect the image of our province. Phuket will become known as a province [with a reputation as being] full of thieves.

“If all second-hand shops become legally registered and operate according to the law, this problem will be easier to control. The meeting today aims to increase operators understanding about the laws and limitations on running a second-hand item shop,” V/Gov Snith explained.

Mr Sakchai said, “This meeting today also aims to inform operators about the checking and controlling process of second-hand shops, and also to give advice on their management. There are 250 second-hand shops in Phuket that are registered and 70 shops that are not registered.”

Courtesy: Published at The Phuket News on November 24, 2017

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