Minimum wage rise approved


BANGKOK: The national wage committee with the authority to approve minimum daily wage hikes agreed on Wednesday night (Jan 17) to an increase in the minimum wage.

After several rounds of talks between representatives of employers, workers and government officials in the tripartite panel, the parties finally reached agreement on the wage rise.

The wage will climb from April by between B5 and B22 per day, depending on location, according to Permanent Secretary for Labour Jarin Jakkaphark, who chaired the committee.

The revised daily range of B308 to B330 is about 2% to 7% higher than current levels.

“Wages have to rise with economic conditions – the cost of living and economic growth in each province,” Mr Jarin said at a briefing for the media just before midnight.

The decision will be forwarded to the Cabinet for approval next Tuesday (Jan 23), he said.

The Ministry of Labour will also propose an exemption from the wage stipulations for the provinces in the government’s flagship Eastern Economic Corridor development project, according to Mr Jarin. The Cabinet would need to approve that proposal specifically.

The minimum daily minimum wage is currently B300 in eight provinces, and ranges from B305 to B310 in the others. This year’s increase will be the first in three years.

The new rate will vary by province, like the current rate, rather than on a countrywide, flat rate basis as worker’s representatives wanted to see.

The government has supported a minimum wage hike, but said it should not jump too high, for fear of eroding the competitive edge of individual businesses and entire industries.

Courtesy: Published at The Phuket News on January 18, 2018 by Bangkok Post

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