Honda assures Phuket dealer on its way


PHUKET: Honda (Thailand) has confirmed that a new official car dealer and service agent will open in Phuket, but say they cannot confirm the new centre’s opening date.

The news follows the announcement by Anuphas Vividhkarn Co Ltd on Saturday (Feb 17) that after 32 years the company will cease to serve as a the sole Honda car dealer in Phuket.

Asked where Honda owners will able to have their vehicles serviced by official agents, a standing condition in order to uphold warranties on new vehicles bought, Deputy Managing Director Montri Hongyok said, “I want Honda to say themselves because I don’t know whether they will find new dealer, and where (such dealers might be located).”

Mr Montri added that he had been informed that “within one to two months, a Honda centre headquarters will be in Phuket, but we don’t know the exact location yet.” (See story here.)

Speaking to The Phuket News yesterday (Feb 20), Honda Customer Relations Officer Jarudech Kittichokwattana in Bangkok confirmed that Honda already had a new dealer lined up to launch in Phuket, but said he was not authorised to name the company or release any other details until the news had been formally approved.

“We are in the process of renovating a Honda centre, but we can’t confirm when it will be finished due to many factors,” he said.

The confirmation of a new Phuket dealer and service agent for Honda cars on the island will comfort Honda owners in Phuket as they must have their new vehicles serviced by an authorised dealer in order to keep the new car warranties valid.

Meanwhile, Chevrolet owners in Phuket must continue to make the 300-kilometre round trip to Krabi in order to keep their warranties intact following the closure of the sole Chev agent in Phuket in May last year. (See story here.)

Courtesy: Published at The Phuket News on February 21, 2018 by Jirarat Rakjamroon

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