Chevrolet remains silent on Phuket dealership ‘by end of the year’


PHUKET: Representatives of Chevrolet Thailand have refused to provide any details regarding their promised dealership in Phuket by the end of the year, despite issuing a media statement yesterday (Dec 11) signed by Chevrolet Sales (Thailand) Sales and Marketing Director Piyanuch Chaturaphat.

The media statement follows weeks of The Phuket News asking Chevrolet Thailand why the previous dealership was terminated, when the company estimates a new dealership may open, what the current situation was in setting up a dealership in Phuket, or whether any location had been decided.

All such questions remain unanswered.

Ms Piyanuch in her media statement yesterday (Dec 11) stated, “As Chevrolet Sales Thailand ended its partnership with its dealership in Phuket earlier this year, it has made all services at its dealership in Krabi available to any customers who need support.

“We understand this may represent a temporary inconvenience for our customers in Phuket, and in view of this we are taking additional actions with our dealers in the neighbouring provinces to arrange mobile services for our customers in Phuket as an interim solution.

“At Chevrolet, customer satisfaction is our top priority and we are treating this situation with the highest importance,” concluded the statement.

However, the statement provided no new details that were not already made public earlier this year.

Ms Piyanuch in July “confirmed” to The Phuket News that a new dealership would be set up by the end of this year, after the previous dealership was terminated on May 31.

However, at that time, Chevrolet remained coy as to whether there were any dates planned for opening.

“We are afraid that we cannot commit the opening date or timeline of the new showroom,” Ms Piyanuch said.

“We will inform you accordingly once the new showroom details are confirmed. We will inform the press later. This is all the information we can provide to Chevrolet’s clients now,” she said in July.

Meanwhile, any Chevrolet owners in Phuket who must have their new vehicles serviced by an authorised dealer must continue to make the 300-kilometre round trip to Krabi in order to keep their warranties intact.

Courtesy: Published at The Phuket News on December 12, 2017

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